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Not the type of therapy or coaching that you're used to...

Systemic Therapy is a Transformational Immersion aimed at anyone who wants to work on a more effective self-development process, the constellation helps the individual to understand the origins of behaviours and which ones are favourable or harmful in their evolutionary process.

Healing in an epigenetic level will allow you to find the source of your traumas and behaviours and work on freeing your past and future generations, and, that my friend, is another level of power.

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So you've followed the breadcrumbs that brought you here...

And you're tired of feeling stuck, blocked, going over and over the same old loop of behaviours that sometimes, let's be honest: you're not really proud of.

You're ready to make the big move, to leap and didn't know where to start until now!


After going on a healing journey to deal with my own wounds, I've decided to dive into studies of different modalities of holistic therapy to help others.

Let me guide to reintegrate your body and mind, to heal intergenerational traumas, to make amends with your past and build a future of infinite possibilities.


The memory is often unconscious yet accessible

Systemic Constellation Therapy is perfect for you if:
  • You are ready to experience full awareness of behaviour patterns;

  • You want to learn everything about your unconscious dynamics and how they affect your life;

  • You are willing to understand and accept your parents for who they are;

  • Want to live a life in its full potential with renewed energy;

  • You feel ready to understand and transform the difficulties in a relationship (family, loving or professional);

  • Want to break for good with the past generational traumas;

  • Are ready to smash some inner blocks

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  • Systemic Constellation Workshop
    Time is TBD
    North Shore
    Time is TBD
    North Shore, North Shore, Hauraki, Auckland, New Zealand
    Don't Miss Out
  • EFT Group Healing
    Time is TBD
    Auckland Central
    Time is TBD
    Auckland Central, Auckland Central
    Tap into healing potential, don't let your emotions label you.

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