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Hello beautiful people!

Hello beautiful people !

I'm Ness! And Is nice seeing you here.

Let me tell you:  I've been waiting for this moment, so let me start by saying that "I'm a believer of emotional connections, not only that, over the years I've learned and studied enough to understand emotions and how to not allow yourself to be labelled by any of it. So if you're someone that doesn't have time for small talk and want to learn deeply how to regulate those emotions of yours, we could become besties.

Me, myself and I:

Why is so hard to present ourselves in just a few lines right?


I’ll try to be brief, although is super hard as my life has been intensely lived to this date.

So let’s do this: 


I have a heart of a gypsy, as a good Sagittarius, I like my freedom and the idea that the world is too big for us to live in the same place forever so to this date I have lived in 4 different countries so far, give me another year or two this list may increase. But at the moment we are calling the stunning Auckland (NZ) our home. God, I feel lucky for that!


Like a good Latina Brazilian, I gesticulate a lot when talking, obviously with passion, because by Human Design I’m also a Generator so I can’t help but make this energy move somehow.


I’m also a mum of two “aussilian” boys ( Australians + Brazilians) when I’m not dedicating my time to my clients

I am running after them, don’t know where they get all that energy from? ( insert a big LOL here).


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Phew, if you still here let me just tell you how this bizz thing all started: “Intense emotions”. 


I’ve always carried them and have always been able to read other people’s emotions. And after giving a lot of space to my own emotions, even to the  “not so good ones”, I’ve decided to dedicate my time to learn all about how to ride each one of them, one thing leads to another and being the nerd I am I had to go deeper and study as much as could of tools, techniques, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Mindful Eating, EFT, Bioenergetics, Hoponopono,  Systemic Constellations, Carl Jung, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, and Epigenetics (ai caramba!).

I get it, sounds super nerdy, but I still I like to shake my bum to a good Brazilian funk, samba, punk rock and 80’s music (oops that one might show my age). 


What’s my deal-breaker then?


Is listening to stories of set unwanted behaviours being repeated and getting stronger, traumas being lived over and over again, because that’s what I have done for years, and I swear if I could help everyone to not fall into the same rabbit hole I would. So I guess that this is my mission: to show you that you still can write your future independent of the past, we are entitled of our own miracles and a freagguing amazing life.


So I do this by Systemic Constellation Therapy, Hypnosis, Bioenergetics, Epigenetics and Reprogramming tools like EFT Tapping and Visualizations. Check it out on "Systemic Constellations what is it?"